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Tour in boat in english:

Our tour consists of a journey of two and a half hours, in which twelve beautiful beaches are known in the Búzios peninsula, three islands and three stops of 25 to 30 minutes to enter the sea.

Our boat has a fun water slide for all ages, it has thirteen meters of fall and expels you directly to the sea, having floats available if necessary.  Of course, we also have baths in the boat, male and female, which will be at your disposal throughout the trip.  They contain a waste collector, preventing dirt from going to the sea. We also have a comfortable children’s pool for the fun of younger children and clear for the safety of their parents.

Our boat has a capacity of 120 passengers, has tables and chairs (shared), so that everyone can go comfortably seated and thus be able to take advantage of the beautiful landscapes, on board they will also find an accessible bar, which offers all kinds of drinks  , alcoholic and non alcoholic.

For those who feel hungry our sailors offer a small gastronomy service, skewers of meat, chicken, cheese and sausage which can be purchased at any time.

During the navigation, they will have available: A bilingual guide, who will be telling the story of each of the places that are known, an animator who will make everyone, absolutely everyone have a lot of fun dancing popular country music, a service  Guided free diving (snorkeling or flotation within an ecological reserve, accompanied by duly credentialed instructors), underwater and non-underwater photography services to record each of the moments lived in our boat.

No more, we are available for future consultations and we hope to live something unforgettable.

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Descrição do pacote